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Fluxus is a horizontal portfolio theme with minimalism at its core. Minimalism is not just an aesthetic choice, but a way for artists to communicate work effectively. The horizontal layout feels both natural and engaging, allowing your portfolio to stand out. After all, it's what you create that matters.

What customers are saying

for Code Quality
by yzhang747

Very unique and speedy theme, didn't rely on Visual Composer, which is a plus and breath of fresh air these days.

for Design Quality
by beleg

My theme for years! Still updated and still working painless!

for Code Quality
by farrellpoole

Great coding, i really love this theme.

for Code Quality
by OSTCollective

it is one of the best thème I found ... straight to the point and clean code ... it is very nice to work with this theme

for Customizability
by alice_santini

Just love using it and showing it! Designs are great. Hoping for a shop soon?

for Design Quality
by lerossi

minimal elagant and easy performance

for Feature Availability
by marcoramin

Thank you! I love this theme!!

for Design Quality
by mzurborg

Great theme that offers a lot of options to customize it while being simple to set-up.

for Design Quality

Awesome template. One of the best I ever bought to work on one of my webs.

for Design Quality
by mizluka


for Design Quality
by Lichting98

Nice theme for a quick (horizontal) Portfolio

for Design Quality
by maildaithi

Aweeeeeesooommmeee.... Did i mention awesome? Best theme ever... after a year of looking...